DEFHR Training Programs

Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) receives horses with a wide variety of experience levels, ranging from well-trained pleasure horses to feral horses who have limited prior contact with humans. Upon completing rehabilitative care, each horse is evaluated by DEFHR's full-time trainer Sara Strauss to determine the horse's level of training experience. Following the evaluation, Sara develops a customized training plan for each horse. Supported by generous professional trainers and a dedicated team of volunteers, Sara works to help each horse progress their skills as an equine partner, making them more suitable for adoption.

How You Can Help

DEFHR is grateful to the many professional trainers generously invest in DEFHR's horses by bringing the horse to their facilities for training. Expenses paid toward caring for the horse while in off-site training may be tax-deductible. If you are interested in offering off-site training services, please click here to e-mail DEFHR or call 301-854-5146.

Help DEFHR strengthen its training program by inviting DEFHR horses and trainers to participate in clinics or workshops free of charge, allowing both horse and handler to advance their skill sets. To invite DEFHR to participate in your training clinic, please click here to e-mail DEFHR or call 301-854-5146.

Professional Training Partners

DEFHR is grateful to the following professional trainers for the generosity in 2014: