2 Horses with Extremely Severe Hoof Neglect Arrive at DEFHR

One mini had to be euthanized at the impound site; all 3 had been living in a manure filled stall for at least 15 years!

 Washington County Impound PR PicToday two emaciated horses--one full-sized stallion and one miniature stallion--were removed from a stall piled high with 3-4 feet of manure, where it is suspected that they were locked up for at least 15 years without necessary farrier or medical care. They were brought to Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) for critical and rehabilitative care.

One miniature mare had to be euthanized on the rundown property before she could be transported to DEFHR due to ruptured ligaments causing irreparable fetlock dislocation. The two others are in critical condition, with the worst hoof neglect the veterinarian and farrier have ever seen.

The hooves on two of the horses were so long (over 3 feet) that the horses could barely move without being at risk of getting tangled in their own hooves. In order to transport them safely to DEFHR’s rehabilitative care facility, the vet and farrier worked together to sedate the horses and lay them down so they could remove portions of their hooves.

The condition of the horses on the property was discovered when a Good Samaritan called the Humane Society of Washington County with concerns about the welfare of pet pigeons. It is standard practice during welfare inspections to check all animals on the property, which is how the horses were discovered. The investigation is ongoing and cruelty charges could be pending.

Of the over 2,170 horses DEFHR has rescued in its 26-year history, these are the worst, most extreme cases of hoof neglect the organization has ever seen. On scene at the impoundment, Erin Ochoa, DEFHR’s Executive Director, told the gray stallion, “Today your life changes.”

The average cost for critical rehabilitative care for horses is $1,900 to $2,400 per horse per month. These horses will be on the higher end of this cost scale. DEFHR is experiencing its leanest year financially since 2008, so donations and support for these deserving animals could not be more critical.

DEFHR’s mission is to support animal control in abuse and neglect cases and THIS is what DEFHR is here for. DEFHR is here for the horses! These horses needed help, and now they need donors to ensure that one day they will be able to walk in a grassy pasture pain free!

Days End Farm Horse Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization currently providing rehabilitation and ongoing care for 78 rescue horses. The organization relies primarily on donations to help these horses. All donations are tax deductible. To donate go to www.defhr.org.

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