Paul Vogel

Paul Vogel- Farm Operations Team

This month's spotlight shines on Paul Vogel, a member of our very important Farm Operations Team.  Paul retired in 2009 as a Naval Officer & civilian government employee & began looking for opportunities to make a difference by volunteering.  In 2010 he read a newspaper article about an impound that included Zodiac and DEFHR’s request for volunteers to help care for the horses.  He immediately joined the DEFHR volunteer team.

His first memory of a DEFHR horse is, of course, Zodiac.  Paul became a convert to DEFHR’s mission after spending one night shift watching over him.  He even brought his grandchildren to see Zodiac & follow his recovery.

When asked what he would like others to know about DEFHR, Paul said, “Running DEFHR is a complicated operation that takes a lot of volunteer help and some pretty dedicated staff.  We are blessed to have both.  I have always been impressed by the dedication of both the DEFHR staff and volunteer to their abused charges.  It truly is ‘All about the horses’.  Go DEFHR!!!  DEFHR puts the needs of the horses first and does whatever is needed to bring the horses back to normal health.  It is very clear that nothing stands in the way of accomplishing this mission.”

Paul finds his work very rewarding and can’t think of a better service opportunity than at DEFHR, be it through the FOT projects or mucking stalls.  He has teamed up with fellow FOT volunteers Dick Heiger and Dan Mick on several FOT projects.  When there is something big going on, you can usually find the three of them working hard on it!

Paul and his wife of 26 years reside in New Market & enjoy traveling in their retirement.  They have two children and four grandchildren nearby and participate in their grandchildrens activities as much as possible.  When Paul isn’t at DEFHR, he is volunteering at the Weinberg Center For The Arts in Frederick and singing in an a cappella chorus that performs in the area.

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