Officer Barney

Breed: Belgian Draft
Sex: Gelding
Height: 17 hh
Year of Birth: 1997
Experience Level Required For Handling: Advanced Beginner
Experience Level Required For Riding: Intermediate

Officer Barney came to DEFHR in August 2015 after being retired from the Baltimore City Police Department's Mounted Patrol Unit. Barney served for 12 years with the department and became their most prized and experienced equine officer. Upon the first signs of hind end arthritis, the department decided to retire Barney to try to preserve his joints and let him age gracefully after so many years of service to the public. Barney was the lead officer during events at Pimlico, including Preakness, the Baltimore riots in April 2015, crowd control, parades, and daily mounted patrols around the city. We are honored to have Officer Barney join our team as a DEFHR Equine Ambassador, helping us to educate volunteers and the public about horse care and handling. Keep an eye out for Barney at both on and off-site events, open houses, and parades. This boy is a true gentle giant and we are excited to have him at our farm where he can live out his days being spoiled rotten by his many admirers!

Officer Barney is available for grooming and riding support through the DEFHR Family Forever Program.

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