Breed: Haflinger
Sex: Gelding
Height: 13.1 hh
Year of Birth: 2001
Experience Level Required For Handling: Advanced Beginner
Experience Level Required For Riding: Beginner

Nugget came to us in January 2015 as a neglect case. He was severely overweight and suffering from hoof neglect. He made a full recovery and has since been on a strict diet. Though he's lost a good deal of weight, he still has a ways to go. We decided to make him a Program Horse when we saw how tolerant he was both with handling and being ridden. On the ground, he is good for grooming when tied or in a stall. Under saddle, he's pretty unflappable and is suitable for an advanced beginner since he can be a little quick. He's been great off-site for trail rides and we're looking forward to getting him out to other off-site events where he will serve as a DEFHR Equine Ambassador!

Nugget is available for grooming and riding support through the DEFHR Family Forever Program. Nugget has a rider weight limit of 125lbs due to his short stature.

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