Legacy Varsity

SPRING BREAK PROGRAM! DEFHR invites youth to come to the farm over their spring break to have fun in our Legacy Breakout Program! It's a full day of horses and fun - including games on horseback.

When: Monday April 8th, 9AM - 4:30PM

To register your child for Legacy Breakout, click here to download a registration form!


What is DEFHR’s Legacy Varsity Program?

Legacy Varsity is for volunteers 14-17 that have a love for equines and want to continue to advance their equine knowledge through volunteer service that includes hands-on experiences and professional supervision. (Volunteers that are 13 years old and have volunteered 100+ hours in the previous year may qualify for the program at the discretion of the Community Outreach Director).


When will the program take place?

Legacy Varsity is an 8 week volunteer based program during the summer from June 12 – August 18. Each week will focus on a different area of equine health and management, upon successful completion the participant will be rewarded a certificate signifying their volunteer service and skills successfully acquired that week.

How do participants register?

Youth volunteers interested in the program can click here to download a registration form. Participants may sign up for as many weeks as they like, each week will cover a different equine related topic and will cost $50/person. Participation is limited to 10 volunteers per week, advance registration is required.

What can youth volunteers expect to learn from the program?

Through their volunteer service, participants can expect to acquire knowledge through a variety of teaching methods including: expository learning, discussion, demonstration, guided and independent practice.

The following skills/knowledge will be demonstrated at the end of the week, by either a hands-on skills demonstration, oral examination, or in writing. Below is a list of topics that will be covered on varying weeks:

  1. Horse first-aid and wound care: treatments, identifying problems, emergency procedures
  2. Conformation and surface anatomy: labeling, understanding function, evaluate DEFHR horses
  3. Hoof care: hoof problems, identifying problems, parts of hoof, hoof wraps, treating abscesses
  4. Digestive system: organs, parasites, basic equine nutrition, deworming
  5. Psychology: memory, body language, herd behavior
  6. Identification: breeds, identifying horses, color patterns, markings
  7. Rehabilitation: past DEFHR cases, refeeding, body condition scoring, vaccinations, vitals
  8. Dentistry: age a horse, dental diagram

How will youth volunteers benefit from participating?

Participants can expect to gain vast knowledge in the daily care of equines and will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of the basic needs of horses
  • Demonstrate responsibility in caring for the needs of horses
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to perform the basic functions related to barn care, including: but not limited to stall cleaning, grooming, recognizing and calling attention to basic health problems and routine health care
  •  Demonstrate the skills necessary to maintain a safe barn care environment for horses and barn members
  • Demonstrate the necessary communication skills to develop and maintain a relationship with barn members and staff members
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize and treat minor ailments in horses or contacting the necessary people in cases of emergency including staff members
  • Demonstrate the ability to keep satisfactory records on horses and barn members

To register, please click here to download an application for summer 2018.

Questions? Click here to e-mail DEFHR.

Please Note: All youth wanting to volunteer at Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) on weekdays during Summer break must be enrolled in one of DEFHR's Legacy programs or be accompanied by a parent or guardian.