Large Animal Rescue Training (LART) For Professionals

Large animal rescue training LART

Large Animal Rescue Training is a one-day, hands-on program for emergency responders in how to safely respond to an emergency equine situation.

Participants will gain an understanding of basic rescue equipment and how to use these tools in an emergency situation. During this session, a major focus will be on how to ensure safety for both the public and the animals involved.

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“If you have large animals in your locality, or travel through your jurisdiction, then someone from your agency should attend this training. They should then come back to your agency and deliver the training. Excellent instruction and skills stations that will benefit your personnel."
–Jack McGovern, Lieutenant Fredericksburg, VA Fire Department

Animal Control Officer: "I gained a lot of knowledge in such a short period of time regarding Large Animal Rescue. I am very pleased that the instructors took the time to educate us on this subject."