Equine Cruelty Investigation Series

Animal Control Officer learning about equine hoof anatomy and care

The Equine Cruelty Investigation Series at Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) is a seminar series designed to help cruelty investigators feel confident working with and handling equines. Any cruelty investigator who does not work with horses on a regular basis would benefit from this instruction.

These seminars will prepare you to feel more self-assured around horses, have a better understanding of the equine mind, and be better prepared to determine when a horses needs are not being met.

Topics covered may include:

  • Minimum Horse Care Standards
  • Case Histories
  • Color and Breed Identification
  • Hoof Anatomy and Hoof Problems
  • Dental Care of Equines
  • Horse Handling and Safety
  • Use of Height and Weight Tapes
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Examining for Illness and Injury
  • Trailering Tips

Don't miss these 2017 dates:

  • February 6, (Morning Session) “Anatomy of a Hoarding Case": Madeline Bernstein, President, spcaLA.
  • February 6, (Afternoon Session) “Large Scale Seizures": Gillian Deegan, Contract Attorney, Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • June 28 - "Stags of Starvation": Charlotte Robinson, DVM
  • August 23 & 24, TWO-DAY All Inclusive Equine Cruelty Investigators Course
  • October 26 - "Livestock Technical Rescue ", Nicole Ehrentraut, Member of the Advanced Technical Rescue Team ATR 69.

To download a registration form please click; ECI Class Registration 2017.

** DEFHR also provides organizations with the option to host their own Equine Cruelty Investigators course at their location. This allows organizations the flexibility to provide training for animal welfare professionals on their schedule without traveling. To learn more about hosting your own Equine Cruelty Investigator's class, please click here to download an informational packet.

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Animal Control Officer: “I’ve been through a lot of training classes in my 10 years of employment. This is the best for hands on horse experience.“

Animal Control Officer:“This was extremely helpful for my future investigations on horse cases. I will be attending more! Thank you!”

Animal Control Officer:“This training is extremely informational and offered many ideas, and information to take back to work with me.”

Animal Control Officer:“I would like to thank DEFHR for opening their doors for animal control education in such a wide array of subjects.”

Animal Control Officer:“I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about horses. I especially liked the hands on training. I touched more horses in the last two days than I ever have!”