Adult Legacy

Adult Legacy participant riding Joker's Jinx

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Take a break from the busyness of life and enjoy the Adult Legacy Program! This program offers adults the opportunity to increase their horse knowledge while having a blast.

The Adult Legacy Program was designed with fun in mind. This program, which takes place on a Friday evening and all day Saturday, allows for learning, creativity, friendly competition and an opportunity to ride.

Activities include:

  • educational seminars on topics such as: common equine parasites, deworming, body condition scoring, equine first aid basics
  • hands-on time with horses
  • horseback riding games
  • campfire and cookout

Program Dates: (2-day program) TBD

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Cost*: $200 per participant ($150 for DEFHR volunteers with more than 20 hours of service in the past 6 months)

The activities in the Adult Legacy Program will accommodate only 20 participants, so registering ahead of time is required. Click here to download an Adult Legacy Registration Form.

Questions? Click here to e-mail DEFHR.