Status: Adopted

Adoption Fee: $500

Breed: Thoroughbred-X

Sex: Gelding

Height: 14.2 hh

Year of Birth: 2004

Experience Level Required for Handling: Intermediate

Experience Level Required for Riding: Intermediate

Trained Behaviors:
Behaves well for Veterinarian
Behaves well for Farrier
Behaves well with other horses
Stands calmly when tied
Experienced riding in outdoor arena
Experienced riding on trails

Suitable Disciplines:

Horse Description: Must be kept with geldings only (late-cut). Barefoot, ties, bathes.

Zeppelin is very intelligent but he also likes to see what he can get away with. He has been known to lead people instead of letting them lead him!

He is very good at groundwork and he lunges walk/trot/canter. He did something to his left shoulder years ago and it is still apparent going to the left at the trot. Because of this, he would be best suited for light work in the ring and on the trail. He has only been out on trails a few times but he did seem to enjoy them once he got his nervous energy out. He has been ridden English and western and is quite comfortable to ride.

He is not for a beginner because of his wily personality but he actually does enjoy attention and as long as he understands the boundaries, he is a good boy.

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