Status: Adopted

Adoption Fee: $800

Breed: Tennessee Walker

Sex: Male

Height: 15.3 hh

Year of Birth: 1999

Experience Level Required for Handling: Intermediate

Experience Level Required for Riding: Intermediate

Trained Behaviors:
Behaves well for Veterinarian
Behaves well for Farrier
Behaves well with other horses
Behaves well in stalls
Behaves well for bathing
Loads into trailer well

Suitable Disciplines:
Unlimited potential

Horse Description: This regal black gelding has been a pleasure to work with both on the ground and under saddle. He is a kind soul and enjoys giving head hugs right before you ride him. His gentle, laid-back personality and stunning looks has made him a quick favorite amongst volunteers and staff.

He doesn’t mind wearing tarps or crossing bridges. He loads like a champ, ties, bathes and stands politely for grooming, tacking and mounting. He enjoys the trails and riding in the open field. He may get a bit excited and insistent on being the leader on the trail, but he is quite brave and will lead the other horses confidently. He doesn’t hesitate at water (in fact, he seems to rather enjoy it) and even tries to jump over the small fallen logs across the trail path.

He looks quite dapper in a western saddle and is very responsive to the rider’s aids, not to mention he is quite comfortable to ride, being a Tennessee Walker!

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