Status: Adopted

Adoption Fee: $35

Breed: Morgan-type

Sex: Gelding

Height: 14.3 hh

Year of Birth: 2004

Experience Level Required for Handling: Intermediate

Experience Level Required for Riding: Intermediate

Trained Behaviors:
Behaves well for Veterinarian
Behaves well for Farrier
Behaves well in stalls
Behaves well for bathing
Loads into trailer well
Stands calmly when tied
Experienced working in round pens
Experienced working on lunge line
Experienced riding in outdoor arena
Experienced riding on trails

Suitable Disciplines:
Evaluation Pending

Horse Description: Santana would be an excellent trail/pleasure horse for an intermediate rider. Due to metabolic issues, he does require a dry lot and strict monitoring of his diet to make sure he does not gain weight or develop laminitis. He requires Prascend and Previcox daily to keep him comfortable. As a result, Santana has been placed into our SOS Program, which means ALL EXPENSES paid on him after contract signing are eligible for tax deduction.

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