Marilyn Monroe

Status: Available for adoption

Adoption Fee: $800

Breed: Grade

Sex: Mare

Height: 11.3 hh

Year of Birth: 2014

Experience Level Required for Handling: Intermediate

Experience Level Required for Riding: Upper Intermediate

Trained Behaviors:
Behaves well for Veterinarian
Behaves well for Farrier
Behaves well with other horses
Behaves well in stalls
Behaves well for bathing
Behaves well for clipping
Loads into trailer well
Stands calmly when tied
Experienced working in round pens
Experienced working on lunge line
Experienced riding in outdoor arena
Experienced riding in indoor arena
Experienced riding on trails

Suitable Disciplines:
Unlimited potential
Competitive Trail

Horse Description: Marilyn is a smart little mare with tons of personality! She was started under saddle in 2017 and has shown nothing but willingness and try. She is gaited, but will trot and canter. Marilyn Monroe has experience with obstacle work such as the tarp, kiddie pool, bridges, flags... Nothing seems to phase this pony! She has been out on the trails, goes through water, and over logs! Marilyn recently went on an outing to her first indoor experience. She rode around the indoor like it was any other day! We cannot say enough good things about her go-with-the-flow attitude. Her favorite thing is riding out in the field, but she is content wherever she goes! She has even started a little bit of trick training. Marilyn has mastered the bow, standing on a pedestal, and even laying down!

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