Status: Adopted

Adoption Fee: $600

Breed: Thoroughbred

Sex: Gelding

Height: 16.0 hh

Year of Birth: 2008

Experience Level Required for Handling: Intermediate

Experience Level Required for Riding: Intermediate

Trained Behaviors:
Behaves well for Veterinarian
Behaves well for Farrier
Behaves well with other horses
Behaves well in stalls
Behaves well for bathing
Loads into trailer well
Experienced working in round pens
Experienced working on lunge line
Experienced riding in outdoor arena

Suitable Disciplines:

Horse Description: Charlie loves snoozing, brushing and bossing his buddies around in the field! He is currently going walk/trot/canter and is overcoming his trepidation of trot poles! He can go either English or Western, but he thinks he looks more attractive in western gear. He likes having a rider that has quiet/kind hands as he does head toss from time to time. You may hear him 'roar' especially if he is worked on a hot day or asked to canter around a few laps but this has not impeded his ability to do training sessions, ring work and the occasional trail ride. He has ventured out on the trail but wasn't very confident so he needs a bit more time to feel comfortable being out in the woods, it certainly is a different world than the race track! He lunges, bathes and stands quietly for grooming and tacking. Bonus for an OTTB: he is barefoot! If you are looking for a character and a fun ride, ask about Charlie today!

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