Help Frequent Flyer & others like him receive a healing gift this #GIVINGTUESDAY

At the request of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) took in an emaciated Thoroughbred on November 10, 2014. The 10-year-old, 16.1-hand Thoroughbred had been abandoned and was in need of immediate attention, so was brought to DEFHR’s critical care facility.
Frequent Flyer (“Flyer”), as the gelding was named on arrival at DEFHR, was evaluated by a veterinarian and found to have a body condition score of 1.5 (on a scale of 1-9, with 5 being ideal body weight). In addition to being emaciated, Flyer shows evidence of urogenital trauma, which will require further medical tests before treatment can begin. Severe neglect of abscessed hooves (he has abscesses in both front feet) and recent laminitis have left him severely lame. Because of dental neglect, Flyer’s teeth have sharp points and hooks, making it difficult for him to chew and get adequate nutrition.
“The urogenital issue with this horse has us concerned,” said DeEtte Hillman, DEFHR’s Equine Programs Director. “He was obviously uncomfortable during the vet examination. We will be following up on this as soon as we can, hopefully before major damage occurs and his health becomes more critical.”
With this latest impound, DEFHR has taken in 30 rescue horses since the first of the year. Flyer will need extensive critical care for up to 90 days, and ongoing rehabilitation for several months. Hoof problems as significant as Flyer’s typically take a year to resolve, and require a large investment of resources. Donations are imperative to help horses like Flyer recover. Click here to donate now!

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