Days End Farm Horse Rescue Takes In 14 Horses From Arabber Stable

At the request of Animal Control Officers with the Baltimore City Health Department, Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) assisted with an emergency situation involving 14 horses at an “Arabber” stable on South Carlton Street on January 13. The horses, which include various breeds, were taken to DEFHR for immediate care and evaluation.

According to Erin Ochoa, Executive Director, “DEFHR has a long history in helping Baltimore City and the Arabber community ensure quality care for their horses. Fortunately, we were in a position to accept these horses and give them the care they need.”

Over the next several weeks, these horses will require veterinary and farrier care. Donations are greatly appreciated and may be sent to DEFHR, PO Box 309, Lisbon, MD 21765 or donate online here.

Click here to download this press release.

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