Calendar Contest Eligibility and Photo Criteria

Calendar Contest Graphic

Eligibility Requirements

  • Each horse’s condition must be that of a fully rehabilitated, healthy animal.

**Thoroughbred horses along with other horses who naturally may appear lean when in consistent work but are in fact healthy and fully rehabilitated will be taken into consideration**

  • Each horse must have been rescued from a 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue organization. Please provide rescue details so we can properly credit their great work.
  • Foster horses are permitted. A foster family is identified as the person or persons who financially help to support the horse. Please include the name of your affiliated rescue organization so that it may be recognized and credited for the positive work they have done.
  • All disciplines are welcome and accepted.
  • All breeds are welcome and accepted.
  • ALL THREE photographs must meet photograph criteria.
  • Photograph and minimum donation must BOTH be submitted by the entry deadline of SEPTEMBER 25th, 2015 by 11:59 pm for consideration.

Photograph Criteria 

  • Photos must be high resolution.
  • Photos must be in color.
  • Dimensions should be no smaller than 6" x 8".
  • Photos should be taken in a horizontal/landscape orientation to fit the layout of the calendar.
  • Please be aware of your surroundings! Be creative and thoughtful when posing your horse. If your horse is kept in a dirt or dry lot due to dietary needs, perhaps move him/her to a grassy area or an area with a more aesthetically pleasing location.
  • **helpful hint** Ears should be perked and forward (no floppy or mean ears). Try to use clean/newer halters so your horse looks their best! Avoid photographing a sweaty horse.
  • PLEASE DO NOT PHOTOSHOP or USE FILTERS. Do not alter the appearance of the horse in any way. Avoid adding boarders, smeared or rounded edges, antiquing or any other modifications.
  • The “at liberty”/candid photograph must be of the entire horse’s body so as to showcase the horse’s transformation.
  • Do NOT watermark or add photographer recognition of any kind. If recognition is required, please make a notation or add to allotted story space on entry form.

To enter, complete the Calendar Contest Entry Form and submit along with your donation.

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