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Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Inc., is a 501(c)3, volunteer-based, animal welfare organization established in 1989 to ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education and outreach. Our Tax ID #: 52-1759077. Our CFC #: 11897.

Our Horses

Since our founding, Days End Farm has gone from a small non-profit sheltering a few horses annually to a full-scale, well respected national rescue and rehabilitation facility housing 50 to 80 horses at any given time. All horses come through animal control and/or humane agencies from across Maryland and surrounding counties. Some are given up voluntarily and turned over to Days End immediately; others are turned over only after their neglect and/or abuse case has been decided in court, which can take up to a year.

On the day of an impoundment, Days End staff and volunteers help transport the horses to safe facilities where they can receive needed care. Horses coming to Days End Farm enter the Critical Care Unit and Extended Care Program. Their conditions range from starvation/malnutrition, hoof deformity and parasitic infestation, to skin funguses, untended wounds and crippling ailments.

After their rehabilitation, which can take many months—and after their court cases where necessary—the horses are evaluated and trained to increase their adoptability. They may need ground training (haltering, leading, tying, etc.)

 and work under saddle.

Once they are assessed and trained, we work to find them permanent homes. Of the 1830+ horses Days End has rescued, 94% have been adopted out.

Our Programs

The community of people it takes to save a suffering horse goes far beyond Days End’s Maryland presence. It may begin with the person making the phone call to alert authorities, and it continues into an ever widening circle that includes animal control officials, animal welfare groups, Days End Farm, volunteers, veterinarians, horse care-givers, donors and sponsors. When a court case is involved, the community includes lawyers, the horses’ advocates and judges.

Days End has long realized that protecting horses from abuse and neglect requires community outreach and humane education. We have designed a wide variety of on- and off-site programs to reach people nationally and internationally, including: community events here at the farm; an internship program that offers extensive hands-on experience for future equine leaders; equine cruelty investigator training; large animal rescue training; a basic horse care clinic; and many more programs.

A unique service provided by Days End is horse advocacy in court cases. We thoroughly document the condition of every horse that is taken into our care, taking a series of photographs and collecting health data on arrival, during and after rehabilitation. When a horse’s case is addressed in the courts, we present this evidence on their behalf. This work has helped find justice for many rescued horses, and has helped strengthen horse protection laws.

Days End has learned much over the years about horse neglect and abuse and strives to prevent it through sharing knowledge. Be sure to visit about abuse and Resources for vital information.

If there is a natural disaster within the United States, such as a hurricane, involving large animals, Days End will travel to the site with their rescue rig and work with local officials and first responders in providing disaster services. And if there is a large animal emergency, such as a cow stuck in mud or a horse too weak to get up, Days End will deploy a trained team with specialized tools and equipment to rescue these animals. These disaster and emergency services are provided free of charge.

More facilities are needed to take in the increasing number of abused and neglected horses nationwide. In response to this need, Days End established Helping Equine Rescue Organizations (HEROs) to support other rescues in starting a rescue.

Fiscal Responsibility

Days End Farm Horse Rescue has received the "Best in America" award from Independent Charities of America, and the highest 4-STAR rating by from Charity Navigator for sound fiscal management for 8 years in a row. Less than 2% of the thousands of charities that Charity Navigator has rated have received the 4-star rating. Days End Farm ranks very highly indeed in fiscal management and responsibility.

Days End Farm qualifies for pledges through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which is affiliated with Animal Charities of America. Days End also satisfies Charitable Choices’ 10 Accountability Standards.


The work of Days End is supported entirely by the donations of individuals like you. Together we can save suffering horses and prevent animal abuse and neglect. We can work together to create a world not only free of abuse and neglect, but one where horses and humans work, play and thrive in each other’s company.

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We invite you to join us in this important work.