DEFHR Takes In 8 Neglected Horses From Prince George’s County

At the request of Prince George’s County animal protection officials, Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) took in 8 emaciated and neglected horses on April 11. The herd included 4 stallions, 1 yearling colt and 3 mares, 2 being heavily pregnant (with 1 already having foaled 2 days after impound).

Several horses are in critical condition, with body condition scores of 1 to 2 (4 to 5 is considered ideal), including the remaining pregnant mare who is expected to foal any day; her emaciation makes her pregnancy and delivery dangerously high risk. All horses suffer from hoof neglect, dermatitis and lice infestation. The horses are also experiencing heavy gastrointestinal parasite loads causing additional complications to their health. This is particularly concerning for the yearling colt who is requiring round-the-clock monitoring because of his severely anemic and lethargic condition.

The horses were on 150 acres without proper food, water, veterinary care or stable management. The stallions were running with the mares, which resulted in pregnancies. Trash and debris posed a threat of injury to the horses. The horses and the public were at risk because poor fencing resulted in the horses getting out on public roads.
DEFHR’s Emergency Response Team was able to safely corral, load and transport the horses within five hours. All horses have been seen by the veterinarian and are undergoing critical rehabilitative care.

With this latest impound, Days End Farm has taken in 13 neglected horses since the first of the year. Donations are crucial in enabling Days End to provide the standard of care these horses require. For information on how to help, please call 301-854-5037 or 410-442-1564, or donate through the website,

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